New Release: Open Sesame

I know I still owe y’all a proper post now that some time has passed and spoilers are less of a concern, but I’ve been working on, updating, and releasing new stuff across four different websites today and I am beat.¬† I hesitate to promise anything since the weather and smoke are extremely unpleasant here in Washington and powerful computers are HOT, but I’d love to get you caught up sometime this weekend if possible. All this work has been fantastic for my productivity, creativity, confidence, and overall mental/emotional health, but I’ve let my communication with others slip in the process.

My apologies to anyone that’s been missing me lately. Being a writer (and loving one) is like this sometimes. My working like this may be new to some of you, and that’s probably because I wasn’t producing as much as I wanted, or committing very hard outside of monthly challenges or pet projects. Even if my writing isn’t your particular cup of tea, I hope you can appreciate that it’s my job, it’s important to me, and I’m still so very glad for this burst of creativity in a difficult time. So many writers are struggling right now to get words out, so those of us that can still do so are more needed than ever.

With that out of the way… my next story for the Crystal Collection is now available! Raphail and G’raha’s story continues, well past the point at which I thought the official plot would tear it away from me. To cut a long story short, It looks like the ending I feared won’t be happening, which means I’m nowhere near signing off on this after all. I have so many stories left to tell for the two of them, and now I can do that without constantly expecting the other shoe to drop. I’ll have more to say next time!

Please be warned that Open Sesame¬†features explicit and homosexual romance — I really pushed myself here and I’m proud (and still embarrassed) knowing I wrote it. I’m not ashamed of it, but I still never expected to find myself doing this, much less every month or so. Getting braver every day is still the goal. I will, however, be taking a break from it to write more non-explicit stuff as I continue Raphail’s personal story for another chapter. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Archive of Our Own — DterminD — Open Sesame

I’ll leave things there for now, and I’ll write again soon! Hope you all are doing well, staying cool and healthy, and pitching in everything you can to help make this little world of ours brighter.

We sure need it right now.


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