This is where I keep track of my creative projects. If you’re interested in my writing and game-development work, you’ll find the latest here. I’ll make every effort to keep this page up-to-date. Right now I am putting most of my effort toward game development rather than traditional writing, but my games often feature large amounts of writing and/or dialogue. There may be some overlap for book-lovers if you’re willing to explore something new.

Please do not be surprised if some of these projects never see the light of day. There is a common, unfortunate belief among non-creative types that holds that books and games spring fully-formed and effortlessly from the minds of their creators; either one has the “talent” and “education,” or one does not. The truth is far messier, and involves countless trials, errors, alphas, betas, submissions, and rejections, to say nothing of a fair bit of luck. Not every project I start will reach completion; not every completion will herald my rise to fame. It’s important to me that I’m transparent about how much time and energy I put into my work, regardless of how – or if – it turns out. Each project is the best work I am capable of producing at this juncture of my life, and they all bring me joy.

  • Preview projects are works-in-progress that I’m comfortable sharing with others, with the understanding that they are VERY raw and will require extensive changes or edits before they are fit for general release. (All NaNoWriMo and EXPER3 projects are Preview projects by default.) This is not an attempt to belittle my work or fish for praise; do you recall how messy your first drafts in English class were? Mine are no better.
  • Beta projects reflect the most polished work I am capable of on my own. However, I am seeking productive feedback from others (testers, editors, etc.) prior to an official release. Let me know if you’d like to help! Credit will be given for anyone that supports my work by helping me pull out the weeds.
  • Complete projects are 100% complete, and immediately available for your reading or playing pleasure!



  • The Looking-Glass Girl (website) is a modern-day, Japanese-style RPG with lots of fantasy elements. The story centers around Kacey, a young lady with a penchant for imagination – and trouble! Too quirky for her classmates, Kacey doesn’t fit in with the crowd, and spends most of her time daydreaming to escape the difficulties of life. She has but one friend; her classmate Theo, the only son of a demanding family. Despite the mounting pressure that Theo’s parents place on him to succeed, the unlikely pair are inseparable, flouting the expectations of the world by engaging in their own private make-believe sessions after school. When their friendship and budding romance is threatened at last with separation, it is up to them to find a way to keep their dreams alive – but the magic mirror in Kacey’s ordinary attic is the last place they expected to find it! The game is 95% done and very near to release — keep an eye out! (EXPER 2015 Project)