Welcome to my little corner of the Web! Though many folks that visit this site are familiar with my real name, I’m going to stick to DterminD on the world wide web. I’ve used many screen names over the course of growing up with the Internet, but this is the one that I use for most things these days. I chose it to reflect the determination that accompanied a major life change in 2018, and it serves to remind me of the importance of staying determined when it comes to new and difficult challenges. The missing Es help it look interesting in video game recaps. =)

The basics: I am a thirty-something lady (she/her) with the sense of humor and imagination of someone half my age. I live in beautiful, rainy Kirkland, Washington, far away from my blistering hometown of Tucson, Arizona. I met my husband through a now-defunct MUD based on Gundam Wing when we were teenagers, and together we proved to be a rare exception to the long-distance-romance and young-love rules. Twelve years later, we wouldn’t change a thing. We are owned by two elderly cats (Trigger and Mr. Stubbs) that moved with us from Tucson.

We do not have kids. Though we had hoped to be ready to start a family by now, we have discovered that the health and wellness that we achieved back in 2018 continues to be an ongoing lesson despite our success at the time. In light of that, it seems best for us to focus on ensuring that we live long, healthy lives that address the needs that we both have instead of trying to bring new life into the world. Adoption remains a possibility, but it is very likely that we will remain the “big kids” that we are and devote ourselves to being Cool Adults for our friends’ kids!

Writing (and to a lesser extent, game development) is my day job. I grew up wanting to be a fantasy author, but I’ve always loved to play video games — particularly the kind that feature long, character-driven stories and dialogue (RPGs and visual novels, to name a few.) When I was a kid, learning to code was the only way to make games like this, but there are now tools available that allow creators with writing skill to sidestep some of those technical demands. Because of that, I’m starting to branch out into new mediums and hope to learn as I go.

Right now I’m publishing a lot of free fanfiction inspired by my favorite game, but I plan to get back into telling original stories once the excitement wears off and I have more time to do so. That said, I do this work because I love to write, and I am fortunate to have a spouse that understands and supports that. I would love to make money from my writing someday, but my focus for now is on finding readers that enjoy the work I produce.

Other interests: I’m seeing a personal trainer twice a week for weight training, which I adore. I also love TRX¬†and Zumba¬†classes, though I need to build my stamina back up a bit before I’m ready to tackle them again. I play Dance Dance Revolution, Dancerush Stardom, and various other imported Japanese rhythm games at Round One twice a week for fun and cardio. I like to cook, and I usually do so without a specific recipe or exact measurements. The creativity is the fun part for me. When I have time, I enjoy watching anime and reading.

One last thing to know about me is that I have struggled with severe social anxiety for most of my life. I tend to be very shy and quiet around most people in real life, and the written word is far more comfortable for me when it comes to communication. That said, I’m a friendly person, I like most other people, and I will open up and relax once I get to know you. I have no interest in ever becoming a social butterfly, but I am in therapy for this issue and I’m hopeful that others will make the first move until I can be more comfortable reaching out in the future.