New Release: Night at the Pendants

Greetings, everyone!

As promised, my next fanfic piece is now available for your reading pleasure. Lest my previous warnings slip past you, I will once again make clear that this is the Big One(tm) in which I attempt some spicier/adult content. Depending on your tolerance for such, you may find this story wildly inappropriate OR a little bit naughty. I recommend 18+ to be safe. Please use your best judgment.

It also features a same-sex relationship. No penetrative acts are portrayed, but good times are both implied and described. If this bothers or upsets you, Night at the Pendants won’t be a good fit for you.

Night at the Pendants

Future planned works include additional chapters of Memoirs of a Miqo’te, at least one more WOLExarch piece for the Crystal Collection, and a possible set of short side stories focusing on some of Raphail’s lost family members.

Please stay tuned for further updates!


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