Update Adjustments

Pardon the quick turnaround from my last update, but I’ve been introduced to a tool called Zapier that can (among many other things) automatically post to Twitter when I make a new post here on Ink Raindrops. I’m also using it to communicate between my alternate Twitter account and Tumblr for one of my newer forays into the FFXIV community. Since I’m keeping most personal stuff here and not directly on Twitter now, I thought it might be helpful for those that want to stay in touch.

I am having misgivings about my last post anyway. While all of it remains true, I am not accustomed to sharing so much of myself with people. I was raised to make the best of everything and to always find the silver lining for the sake of others. It’s such an ingrained habit that I often don’t even notice I’m doing it until it’s too late and the moment for serious discussion and honesty has passed. Being angry and sad and lonely isn’t a comfortable space for me whether it’s public or private.

Sometimes being real and honest and human can be ugly. I’m sorry. But now you know.


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