Moon Closet Transform!

Time for something a little different this update, though it is still inspired by current events…

Ever since we learned about the 5,000-step-per-day requirement for 20/20, I’ve been trying to make a serious effort to focus on ways to improve my step count prior to our start date. As it turns out, even a heavy-duty cleaning day around this small condo only nets me around 1,500; normal days are more like 1,000. Both John and I expected it to be far more! It looks like I’m going to have to push myself harder to get out more and do things during the day, which is going to be tough for someone who hates driving and doesn’t often find it easy to walk out her front door. Fortunately we live in a beautiful area; I’m sure I can find lots of lovely places to walk – and a treadmill at the gym is always available if it’s too rainy or cold.

All this has brought me to a realization: I’m going to be doing a LOT more physically than I used to. I’ve been living out of my exercise clothes and very basic wardrobe staples since this whole thing started, and I wear similar clothing to our every-other-night float sessions at Urban Float. (Don’t know what that is? I’ll post about it sometime.) The fact is, I haven’t worn normal clothing to much of anything since I agreed to join 20/20. I’m not likely to do so anytime soon. And by the time I do get around to it… it won’t fit anymore.

Farewell, old friends.
Farewell, old friends.

So… I decided today that it was time to take an intensive look at my closet. The less I have to struggle to find something appropriate to wear, the more likely I am to succeed in getting out the door to do something I need to be doing… and there’s no point in holding on to things I can’t wear. I held on to a few emergency pieces (one dressy dress, a couple of comfortable skirts, etc.) and all my basics, plus my exercise gear, but the vast majority of stuff I used to own is now piled on my bed, awaiting one heckuva donation to Goodwill.

It took me a long time to finally get excited or interested in fashion (post-20) and ever since then, I’ve always had far too many options for things to wear; this is more what I’d expect a normal person to have in their closet, and it’s surprisingly freeing. I’m sad to say goodbye to so many things that I loved to wear, and I’m cringing at the amount of money I know this would all be worth new, today – but not having the pressure of 500 options when you just need two or three is encouraging. Everything I kept fits well, is in good condition, and will last me until it’s time to buy smaller replacements, and that’s what matters most.

You can behold the transformation by scrolling down. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the extra pounds I’m shedding today in cloth will mirror the ones I’ll lose in flesh. 😉


Enter, if you dare...
Enter, if you dare…
A clean floor?!
A clean floor?!
Room for diabetic supplies.
Room for diabetic supplies.
Bins = best closet organization.
Bins = best closet organization.


  1. Carolyn Bruce

    Wow, way to go! What an accomplishment! I understand how sorting and pitching results in your feeling freer and lighter. -and what wonderful feelings those are.
    I’m hoping your success is going to inspire me to finish sorting through my closet.(!)

  2. Michelle Allen

    Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how proud of you I am! I started my weight loss journey on 1/14/17 and so far I am down 11.6lbs. That is without exercising and REALLY watching what I eat. Every single day is a stuggle and I learn more about food choices every day.

    I started with one thing at a time because I didn’t want to fail. I figured I needed to get my eating in order prior to throwing in exercise. I just couldn’t fail this time, as I have looked at surgical options and that scares me! Today I am happy to say I think I have my eating in order and I am ready to join a gym. (Don’t get me wrong some days I fail, but I get right back to it the next day)

    You have a few more obstacles in your way than me, and look how far you have come! I am SO SO Happy for you! Remember on tough days what they say in those meetings “One Day at a Time” you can do it and most importantly, you

    • DterminD

      Thanks! Congratulations to you on starting your own journey, and on your own weight loss! I know I couldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t taken the time to address a lot of mental and emotional issues that were holding me back first, so take all the time you need to do it in the way that works for you. If I weren’t facing the prospect of not being able to have kids safely, I’d much rather keep doing it one step at a time myself. 🙂 Keep me posted on how you’re doing, we can cheer each other on!

  3. Mom

    No matter what size you are you will always be special! Here’s to your great success! I’M PULLING FOR YOU!!

  4. Cara

    Whoa! Inspiring! Way to go girl! 🙌

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